Finally heading for the Blue Sky!

A “Blue sky” is bliss after every dark night!

This line perfectly sums up my experience with Blue Sky Analytics.

The last month has been an exhilarating experience. It has not only made me discover a lot more about myself and my domain, but has also provided me a lot of strength to contribute with greater passion in the future.

I'm Deepanshi Dixit and I am a UI/UX intern at Blue Sky. Here is the story of my one-month journey!

A smooth interview process

A lot of employees usually see the interview as the process where the company gets to assess them. However, it is also a way for the employee to understand the employer. You also understand a lot about the company culture and how smooth things will be at work.

I was asked questions no one had asked me before and it was a great chance for me to introspect. It was super fun!

I had an extremely wonderful interview experience. There were four rounds and each round was about getting to understand and explore my skills beyond the tech or design caliber. It was clear that they didn't want to hire someone who just did their job. They wanted someone who cared about the environment as much as they did.

Onboarded...on a holiday!

I started my internship on Holi! Can you imagine starting an internship on a festival? Normally, it would have been a holiday. But this year, in the pandemic, the team had decided to spend some time with each other via zoom to make up for lost festivities. I was happy to be included. I, for starters could not wait any longer to kickstart our collaboration together. The folks here are far too exciting!

Day 1 was all about meeting the team and getting to know my responsibilities and the domains I would be handling. I was assigned the task of generating wireframes for a soon-to-be revealed project. I would be working on this project for the next few weeks.

But day one was nowhere as fun as my first week! The credit for this goes to two people: the CEO and the CTO of Blue Sky Analytics. In my first week itself, I had a chance to work with the CEO, Abhilasha. How often does one get to directly work with the CEO of a company in their first week?

Our CTO, Kshitij, has been a constant source of motivation for me. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to address problems that I face. In this global pandemic, he has gone above and beyond his role and regularly checks in with the whole team about their mental and physical health.

My Favorite Humans!

I love working with everyone at Blue Sky. Despite how different they all, they are all sweet and caring. However, if I do have to choose favourites: my favourite humans at Blue Sky are Abhilasha and Harsha!

Abhilasha, is just a very happy, enthusiastic human to be with. In my first week itself, she floored me with her empathy, patience and creativity. She has so many stories to tell!  She is a great leader, and will always manage to cheer you up with her great sense of humor. I could be biased, but those who know her will vouch for that.

Harsha is a very calm person. He is always open to lending an ear to understand any problem that you may have. He is the first person I go when I am facing any trouble. He tries his best to make it very comfortable for everyone to work with.

Perks of BSA!

Despite being an intern, I have full control over my projects: defining the scope, experimenting with the design, setting timelines, goals, and much more. This is possible only when the team trusts you and believes in your growth. It has been such a confidence booster and has helped break my own ceilings.

I could have not asked for a better internship. Blue Sky has helped me realize what kind of environment I want to be in every day.

Every time I reveal that I do not know how to do something, I've been not only given the time to learn and upskill, but also been provided the support needed to understand my needs. It is a joy to work with people who understand and support you.

I have learned from so many good examples of leadership, collaboration, management, and empathy from my time at Blue Sky. In the last one month, I have been able to figure out what a happy and healthy work environment looks like. Even when there is conflict, people understand, communicate and help each other out. I think this is what happens when people are driven by a common goal. For Blue Sky, it is climate action.

Some advice

If you wish to work with Blue Sky Analytics, I would recommend that you be true to who you are. And that you work hard and do good! It is very important and will help you assimilate here easily.

Also, a great way to befriend the tech team is to play CS:GO!*

If you're interested in joining the team, you can check out the company's Workable profile.Stay tuned to read about, "My first year at Blue Sky Analytics" ! :) Coming soon.