I’m incredibly excited to announce that on July 8, 2020, we raised $1.2 million in a seed round with support from BEENEXT Emerging Asia Pte. Ltd, Zerodha-backed Rainmatter Capital Private Limited and Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs.

As the buzz of the last few weeks of flitting between accountants, lawyers and press non-stop is yet to wear off, I would like to pen down a few thoughts which have been foremost on my mind during this time.

First, it's gratitude! This milestone vindicates not just mine but the thankless journey of every deep-tech and climate change entrepreneur who is working towards a sustainable economy in a world which views growth as a zero sum game of destructive capitalism.

If there’s anything I’ve relearned over and over in the many months of hard work leading up to now, it’s that people can upend the status quo. Blue Sky Analytics is blessed to have investors like Teruhide Sato, founder and managing partner of BEENEXT who took a personal interest in the company. Zerodha’s CTO and Co-founder Kailash Nadh, was instrumental in making Blue Sky Analytics the first climate-tech company that their investment fund Rainmatter put money in (they generally invest in fintech startups), and Stanford Angels and all our initial investors as well.

To all our backers — those who, with nothing more than faith in a promising concept and our singular vision of democratizing environmental data, put their money behind us: Thank you for believing in Blue Sky Analytics unwaveringly.

As all of us at Blue Sky Analytics have worked tirelessly to this announcement, I’m taking this time to appreciate the team of diverse and highly committed people who have bought our vision of using geospatial data to fight climate change. This is only the beginning of our revolutionary journey of innovation.

When we built the first version of BreeZo (our air quality API), we weren’t sure how the public would react. So it’s thrilling to know that thousands of people have used it to find out air quality around their homes and offices. You all are the best. Please keep your confidence in us, and we’ll keep getting better for you.

Our immediate priority is continuous product improvement, so the funds we’ve raised will be used to expand our software development, hire talent for the technology part of the company, and equip them with the best tools available.

We are also now looking at foreign shores. With the support of the MIT Solve team and many other like-minded climate action agencies, we are now working to become a benchmark around the world for environmental data.

We will continue to build Blue Sky Analytics into the gold standard of environmental data. This is the path ahead for us.

Love, Abhilasha, on behalf of the Blue Sky Analytics Team