Web and Mobile

From a developer’s perspective, Web and Mobile are two completely different platforms and before TWA we couldn’t think of unifying them whatsoever. TWA allows us to do implement a functionality cross platform while using the same underlying code, but it is still in its early stage and there’s a long way to go. Google’s push for TWA can help ship small teams like ours to bridge the gap between Web and Android with minimal resources. TWA opens the Android platform for all the web developers out there.

Should you adopt TWA?

And as always in the software Industry the answer is “It depends”. There is no perfect fit in the world of software, everything has its own pros and cons. So here’s a list of questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about adopting TWA?

  • Is your Web App a PWA or are you thinking about making a PWA?

  • What’s your team size? Can you afford a developer or separate team for Android App development?

  • Do you want to spend time and effort on replicating the same functionality in an android app?

  • Do you want a different UI for native apps?

  • Which platforms do you want to support, both Web and Mobile?

Future is bright for Web Devs!

On March 25th, we met with Chrome Dev team in a Gurgaon Meetup where we discussed about TWA with it’s creators and got some amazing insights into its future about awesome stuff on the way like signed packages, PWA banner update etc. TWA are going to change the way android apps are developed and used. It will make Apps faster, developer-friendly and most importantly lighter than native Apps.

We also discussed some of the bugs that we couldn’t solve due to limitation in TWA spec as of yet but we were assured that most of them will be fixed within the coming weeks. And they did fix a couple of them with rollout of Chrome 73 update, especially pesky “Running in Chrome” & “Non-Chrome default browser”.

To all co-founders, developers and anyone looking to develop an Android App, please do look into TWA and see if it fits your requirement despite its limitations. Stuck somewhere! give us a shout.

You can use the Chromium Issue tracker to file the news bugs you find and also track the progress of other issues.

To experience a TWA, please Install our BreeZo App. We are aware of nearly all the bugs, but please allow us some time to fix the bugs, since most of them originate due to technical limitations of Chrome platform. We welcome any questions, doubts, poor experience, feedback, UI suggestion that you might have, write to us at support@breezo.in.