Climate-tech startup Blue Sky Analytics appoints Leena Dandekar, Founder and Principal of Raintree Family Office and Raintree Foundation, as Advisor.

July 03, 2023, New Delhi- Blue Sky Analytics, which provides satellite-derived climate data useful for various financial institutions, corporations and policymakers, is excited to announce the appointment of Leena Dandekar, the Founder of Raintree Foundation, as an Advisor. With a remarkable track record of more than two decades of experience and deep-rooted expertise spanning strategy, operations, climate action, and conservation, Leena is poised to assume a pivotal role in expanding Blue Sky Analytics' technology and product offerings to global markets.

At Raintree Family Office, Leena is building a socially conscious investment portfolio which is diversified and includes ESG-conscious alternative assets, impact investments as well as public market equities. Her focus areas are investments which promote innovation in climate solutions, circularity, and responsible consumption, reflecting her commitment to addressing pressing environmental issues. With her strategic vision, operational acumen, and unwavering commitment to climate action, Leena will play an instrumental role in guiding Blue Sky Analytics' expansion into global markets and reinforcing its position as a leading provider of satellite-derived climate data.

Blue Sky Analytics produces high-resolution satellite intelligence data, which is highly relevant for monitoring, measuring, and mitigating Physical Climate Risks as per the TCFD framework and for various other use cases in verifying and predicting climate risks. Blue Sky Analytics is backed by Japanese VC Beenext, Rainmatter (fintech fund & incubator of Zerodha), and the Stanford Angels. They are also the founding member of the Climate TRACE initiative by Al Gore to execute asset-level emissions monitoring across the globe.

Welcoming Leena, Abhilasha Purwar, CEO of Blue Sky Analytics, stated, “We are excited to welcome Leena to the team and look forward to leveraging her insights and guidance as the company continues to expand its footprint and contribute to the global climate action agenda. Her extensive knowledge and insights will be instrumental in driving the company's growth and ensuring its solutions reach a wider audience, enabling more stakeholders to access and leverage satellite-derived climate data for sustainable decision-making on a global scale.”

About Leena Dandekar

Leena set up the Raintree Family Office in 2017 to manage the family’s investments in a responsible and sustainable manner. She achieved this by creating a diverse, robust and balanced portfolio that adheres to ESG guidelines. With a focus on impact investments and catalytic philanthropy to deliver the social impact agenda of the family, Leena set up two entities, Raintree Family Office and Raintree Foundation. The Foundation promotes the vision of "Dignity and Well-being for Planet and People.”  Leena oversees as a strategist at the Raintree Foundation, which is committed to building climate resilience for living landscapes.

With a deep commitment towards promoting circularity and civic custodianship, the foundation has implemented various initiatives that have had a significant positive impact on vulnerable communities. The Raintree Foundation, for instance, is working on a 2100 hectares landscape in Velhe block of Pune district. It is situated in the Northern Western Ghats, a global biodiversity hotspot.

Communities have become increasingly aware of the significance of sustainable practices and conservation due to the successful efforts of the Raintree Foundation. This has been achieved through their extensive work of research, education, and awareness programs. By empowering local communities and fostering partnerships, the foundation has facilitated the adoption of regenerative agriculture, clean energy, restoration of natural water systems, and waste management practices. Furthermore, Raintree’s efforts in biodiversity conservation has helped to protect and restore fragile landscapes, ensuring resilient and thriving ecosystems.

Leena is also one of the few pioneering figures in impact investing in India, making substantial contributions to the growing movement. She has played a pivotal role in expanding its reach through her capital and extensive network. Combining impact investing and catalytic philanthropy, Leena maximizes the on-ground efficacy of climate action initiatives. Her work has earned her recognition as a prominent climate champion, inspiring others to join the global fight against the climate crisis.

Prior to her work with the Raintree Family Office and the Raintree Foundation, Leena served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Camlin Group. During her tenure, she spearheaded numerous strategic and operational initiatives across multiple businesses, including pharmaceutical and fine sciences. Her expertise in management systems, finance, inventory management, distribution channels, and logistics has been invaluable in driving organizational success.

Leena holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, a Masters in Management Studies in Finance, and an LLB from Mumbai University.