High frequency & High resolution climate intelligence for various use cases

Investment Manager - Public/PE

Are you an Investment Manager / CIO wanting to analyse climate risk of your portfolio in near real time / predict it for the immediate future and also report as per TCFD or other regulations?


Are you a Chief Risk Officer of a bank? Do you wish to integrate climate risk into credit risk, Stress test your portfolio, and reduce operational risks for climate risks? You know how to do it but have inadequate data to model, analyze and integrate?

Carbon Markets / Natural Asset Capital

Are you a Carbon Credit Project developer / Carbon credit buyer seeking to enhance transparency of carbon credits or a Natural Asset Capital firm worried about climate risks to your investment & wish to track these in real time / near real time?

Public Utilities

Are you an operation head of a utility, worried about the risks to your infrastructure & resources? Would real time / near real time climate data help you? Is mapping critical resources important for you?

Blue Sky Analytics is here to help, Request a demo today!

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Blue Sky Analytics is a geospatial data intelligence company building a API based catalogue of Environmental Datasets by leveraging Satellite data, AI and cloud.

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